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All important services, INCLUDED!

After years of experience in car rentals, and according to our statistical surveys on what the client will most frequently ask to be included in a “rent a car” offer, we have decided to include in our offer for free, without any extra charge, all the following:

  1. Third-Party Liabilities
  2. Personal Insurance
  3. 24/7 road assistance
  4. 24/7 emergency phone assistance 
  5. Unlimited Kilometers
  6. No charge in case of delayed arrival
  7. Flight/boat monitoring8. New safe vehicles, free of charge car upgrades in winter and low season
  8. 24/7 deliverance/pick-up at the port, airport or any hotel in Santorini
  9. Free car parking at the port, airport and our parking area
  10. Free car-washing in our facilities
  11. Free map of the island
  12. Municipality Tax (2%)
  13. VAT (23%)
  14. Immediate replacement of the rented vehicle, in case of a break down or an


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